14th Heavy Artillery of Rhode Island


Our mission is to get high school students involved with history and reenacting. We want them involved, because they are the ones who are going to keep the Civil War alive through reenactment. Living History is a program for high school students. We teach them about the Civil War and we get them out in the field, reenacting as a soldier. Based in RI, we work as the 14th RI, a colored regiment in the Civil War. Being a colored regiment, we work with mostly inner-city kids, who are not usually exposed to this type of programs. Everything is period correct, from the clothes that they wear, to the food that they eat. They get trained in safely using 1863 musket rifles and marching. We travel to Florida, Virginia, Pensylvania, and many other places. Not only do students reenact battles, but they also put on historical presentations for a variety of audiences. These presentations, range on a variety of subjects pertaining to the Civil War, but focus on the black soldiers of the 14th RI.

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