• 2012

Rhode Island’s Stone-Ender Houses

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As we here at the RHODI Project look forward to a new year full of visits to Rhode Island’s history and heritage organizations, I have been taking a special interest in some of the unique architecture – in particular, the stone-ender house. My fellow field surveyor and I will be visiting a number of these structures, including the Clement Weaver House, Clemence Irons House, and Valentine Whitman House.


Disaster Preparedness

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Fortunately for most of the state of Rhode Island, damage from Hurricane Sandy appears to be minimal. Everyone at the RHODI Project wishes a speedy cleanup and recovery to those people and organizations that were affected.


Hidden Treasures

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In the continuing quest to refine our master list of organizations, the Field Surveyors and I have had our work cut out for us. For every organization that falls outside the scope of the RHODI Project, we often find a new one to replace it.


Protecting the Past – RI

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The RHODI Project staff was invited to attend a workshop at Linden Place today put on by the Protecting the Past – RI project. It was delightful to make our first contacts with many organizations that we will be surveying in the future, and to know that Rhode Island’s important history is being well cared for today, and in the event of an unfortunate disaster. Additionally, the excitement from others at the meeting when told about the RHODI project was very encouraging!


Welcome to the RHODI Project Blog

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Welcome to the Rhode Island Historical Society’s Rhode Island Online History Directory Initiative (RHODI) Project blog. I’m Timothy Wade, Project Coordinator. We have a great team working on the RHODI Project, and over the next few weeks I’ll be introducing each of them.